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Cynthia Name Meaning and Origin

Cynthia Name Meaning and Origin

Name Meaning

Moon goddess, woman from Kynthos

Name Origin


Cynthia is a name of Greek origin, meaning 'moon goddess' or 'woman from Kynthos'. In Greek mythology, Cynthia was an epithet of Artemis, the goddess of the moon and hunting. The name is associated with beauty, femininity, and the mystical allure of the moon.

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Cynthia Phonetic Appeal

Name Pronunciation Smoothness:

Cynthia is easy to pronounce with a smooth flow, making it pleasant to the ear.

Name Melody Rating:

The name Cynthia has a balanced rhythm with two syllables, making it easy to say and remember.

Famous People Named Cynthia

Find celebrities with this name and see how they shine in their respective fields.

● Cynthia Nixon

Cynthia Nixon is an American actress known for her role as Miranda Hobbes in the TV series 'Sex and the City'. She has won several awards for her performances and is also involved in political activism.

● Cynthia Erivo

Cynthia Erivo is a British actress and singer who has won a Tony Award for her performance in 'The Color Purple' on Broadway. She is known for her powerful voice and acting skills.

● Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey is an American model and reality TV star, best known for her appearance on 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'. She is also a successful entrepreneur and author.

Cynthia Name Popularity Insights

U.S. Population

The data is sourced from the Social Security Administration. Since the agency has only released data up to 2022, the rankings for 2023 and 2024 are based on estimates from platform data. We will update the final results once the official data is released.

Potential Negative Connotations of Cynthia

The name Cynthia does not typically evoke negative associations. However, some may find it old-fashioned or overly romantic due to its mythological origins. It may also be associated with a sense of mystery or aloofness, which could be seen as negative by some.

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