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Esmeralda Name Meaning and Origin

Esmeralda Name Meaning and Origin

Name Meaning

Emerald, green gemstone

Name Origin


Esmeralda means 'emerald' in Spanish. It is derived from the Latin word 'smaragdus' which means 'green gemstone'. The name is associated with the color green and the precious gemstone, symbolizing beauty and luxury.

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Esmeralda Phonetic Appeal

Name Pronunciation Smoothness:

Esmeralda is easy to pronounce with a smooth flow of syllables. It has a melodious and elegant sound that rolls off the tongue effortlessly.

Name Melody Rating:

The name Esmeralda has a rhythmic flow with a slight emphasis on the second syllable. It maintains a balanced cadence and is pleasant to hear.

Famous People Named Esmeralda

Find celebrities with this name and see how they shine in their respective fields.

● Esmeralda Pimentel

Esmeralda Pimentel is a Mexican actress known for her roles in telenovelas such as 'En tierras salvajes' and 'El color de la pasión'. She has also appeared in various films and theater productions.

● Esmeralda Moya

Esmeralda Moya is a Spanish actress and model who has starred in popular TV series like 'El internado' and 'La pecera de Eva'. She is known for her talent and charisma.

● Esmeralda Mitre

Esmeralda Mitre is an Argentine actress, model, and socialite. She has appeared in films such as 'The Mystery of Happiness' and 'Anita'. She is also known for her work in theater.

Esmeralda Name Popularity Insights

U.S. Population

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Potential Negative Connotations of Esmeralda

Esmeralda may evoke the character of Esmeralda from 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame', who faced prejudice and hardship. However, the name itself does not have inherent negative connotations and is mostly associated with beauty and elegance.

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