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Caleb Name Meaning and Origin

Caleb Name Meaning and Origin

Name Meaning

Dog, loyal, devotion, faithful

Name Origin


The name Caleb means 'dog' or 'loyal' in Hebrew. It is often associated with qualities such as devotion and faithfulness. In the Bible, Caleb was a companion of Moses and one of the twelve spies sent by Moses to explore the land of Canaan.

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Caleb Phonetic Appeal

Name Pronunciation Smoothness:

Caleb is a smooth and easy name to pronounce, with a pleasant flow of syllables.

Name Melody Rating:

The name Caleb has a good rhythm with two syllables that flow well together.

Famous People Named Caleb

Find celebrities with this name and see how they shine in their respective fields.

● Caleb McLaughlin

Caleb McLaughlin is an American actor known for his role as Lucas Sinclair in the popular Netflix series 'Stranger Things'. He has received critical acclaim for his performance and has become a rising star in the entertainment industry.

● Caleb Landry Jones

Caleb Landry Jones is an American actor and musician who has appeared in films such as 'Get Out' and 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri'. He is known for his intense and versatile performances.

● Caleb Followill

Caleb Followill is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the American rock band Kings of Leon. Known for his powerful vocals and charismatic stage presence, he has achieved international success with the band.

● Caleb Carr

Caleb Carr is an American author and military historian, best known for his novel 'The Alienist' which was adapted into a popular television series. He is recognized for his compelling storytelling and detailed historical research.

Caleb Name Popularity Insights

U.S. Population

The data is sourced from the Social Security Administration. Since the agency has only released data up to 2022, the rankings for 2023 and 2024 are based on estimates from platform data. We will update the final results once the official data is released.

Potential Negative Connotations of Caleb

The name Caleb does not have strong negative associations and is generally viewed positively. However, some may perceive the name as traditional or common, lacking uniqueness or distinctiveness.

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