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Jeremy Name Meaning and Origin

Jeremy Name Meaning and Origin

Name Meaning

appointed by God, strong-willed

Name Origin


The name Jeremy means 'appointed by God' in Hebrew. It also conveys the meaning of being strong-willed and determined. The name has a rich biblical origin and carries a sense of purpose and divine calling.

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Jeremy Phonetic Appeal

Name Pronunciation Smoothness:

Jeremy is easy to pronounce with a smooth flow of syllables. It sounds familiar and is commonly heard, contributing to its fluency.

Name Melody Rating:

The name Jeremy has a balanced rhythm with two syllables that complement each other well. It rolls off the tongue smoothly and has a pleasant sound overall.

Famous People Named Jeremy

Find celebrities with this name and see how they shine in their respective fields.

● Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner is an American actor known for his roles in 'The Hurt Locker' and 'The Avengers' series. He has received critical acclaim for his performances and is recognized for his versatility in portraying various characters.

● Jeremy Irons

Jeremy Irons is a British actor with a distinguished career in film, TV, and stage. He has won numerous awards, including an Academy Award for his role in 'Reversal of Fortune.' Irons is praised for his intense and captivating performances.

● Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson is a British television presenter and journalist, best known for hosting the popular show 'Top Gear.' He is known for his outspoken personality and humor, making him a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Jeremy Name Popularity Insights

U.S. Population

The data is sourced from the Social Security Administration. Since the agency has only released data up to 2022, the rankings for 2023 and 2024 are based on estimates from platform data. We will update the final results once the official data is released.

Potential Negative Connotations of Jeremy

The name Jeremy does not typically evoke negative associations. However, in some cultures, it may be linked to the stereotype of being strong-willed or stubborn. Additionally, individuals with this name might face challenges related to living up to the expectations associated with being 'appointed by God.'

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