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Uriel Name Meaning and Origin

Uriel Name Meaning and Origin

Name Meaning

God is my light, Angel of Wisdom

Name Origin


Uriel is a Hebrew name meaning 'God is my light'. In Hebrew tradition, Uriel is also known as an archangel who represents wisdom and illumination. The name carries a strong religious and spiritual significance.

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Uriel Phonetic Appeal

Name Pronunciation Smoothness:

Uriel is pronounced as 'oor-ee-el', with clear and distinct syllables. It flows smoothly and is easy to say for most English speakers.

Name Melody Rating:

The name Uriel has a balanced rhythm with emphasis on the first syllable 'oor'. It has a melodic flow that makes it pleasant to hear and say.

Famous People Named Uriel

Find celebrities with this name and see how they shine in their respective fields.

● Uriel Ventris

Uriel Ventris is a fictional character in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, created by author Graham McNeill. He is a Captain of the Ultramarines Chapter of Space Marines, known for his strategic brilliance and unwavering loyalty.

● Uriel Antuna

Uriel Antuna is a Mexican professional soccer player who currently plays as a midfielder for the LA Galaxy in Major League Soccer. He has represented the Mexican national team in various international competitions.

Uriel Name Popularity Insights

U.S. Population

The data is sourced from the Social Security Administration. Since the agency has only released data up to 2022, the rankings for 2023 and 2024 are based on estimates from platform data. We will update the final results once the official data is released.

Potential Negative Connotations of Uriel

The name Uriel is generally associated with positive attributes like light, wisdom, and divine guidance. However, some may perceive it as too religious or mystical. There are no prominent negative characters or cultural symbols commonly associated with the name.

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